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We are excited for you to explore the opportunities available at REVOLUTION9 Salon, where we provide the perfect environment for you to grow your career.

Whether you're a seasoned stylist or new to the industry, our salon is committed to fostering a space where you can thrive and expand your skills. Join us and discover the ideal setting to nurture your professional journey.



Education + Coaching:

At REVOLUTION9 Salon, your success is our priority. Benefit from a wealth of resources, including bi-weekly Zoom coaching, monthly one-on-one career coaching, and complimentary educational events. Take advantage of the opportunity to observe or shadow our stylists during downtime or days off.


Open Door Policy:

Enjoy the freedom to work elsewhere without restrictive contracts. Consider REVOLUTION9 Salon as an open relationship, providing the flexibility to do what's best for your lifestyle and clients.


Session Artists:

As a session artist, customize each guest's appointment with flexible booking blocks and determine your own prices, giving you complete control over your income.


Choose Your Schedule & Client List Freedom:

Decide your own hours, balancing work with your life and family commitments. Connect with your clients to build the career of your dreams.


Commission Pay Structure & Future Planning:

Let us handle the business side while you focus on your craft. We offer a 401k to help you build for the future, ensuring a smooth transition if you choose to move on.



We value relationships built on respect and trust, creating a loyal support system and a sense of family within REVOLUTION9 Salon.

Expectations During Your Employment:

Session stylist with the option to double book or not


Choose your own schedule

Unlimited sick and vacation days

Career coaching

Transparent pay with no product charges or service fees

Ongoing education

Choose your own pricing

Elevated experience for your guests

Social media and marketing coaching

Commission structure with a booth rent feel

Freedom to come and go

Choose your specialty

Raise your prices when you are ready

Set your own service time

And much more!


If you're contemplating a change in your career if you're new to the industry, why not schedule a hangout with us to discuss the exciting opportunities we offer to stylists at REVOLUTION9 Salon? You might just find something you love. Let's chat!

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